What we offer...

…is nothing short of careful and quality conscious work with the horses. The stallions stand in the focal point, the father’s of future horse generations, but that is by far not everything. Here is an overview of the services offered at Stall Hell:


Foal Upbringing

It’s as if the Stall Hell was made for the healthy and appropriate upbringing of foals with it’s surrounding pastures and available land. The “wild youngsters” are separated according to their age and then can grow up in groups. It allows for the necessary social relationships which are very important for the horses which are by nature herd animals. Of course the foals will be carefully observed to make sure their health, integration in the group and their development is in good order.


Jumper Training

Christopher Frazer is the correct contact person for you if you are interested in the training of your young show jumper. The British show jumping rider has his own training stables at Stall Hell and has years of experience with the training of young horses. After stops by Di Lampard, Dietmar Ackermann and Rolf-Göran Bengtsson, Frazer decided to start his own business in Klein Offenseth in 2010.

Stallion Preparation

The preparation of young stallions for the approvals is another service offered to interested breeders and owners of youngsters by the Hell Stallion Station. A promising candidate should have the best possible chance to prepare for the Approval event taking into account his stage of development. Please contact us when you have interest in this offer. We look forward to spending the time with your young stallion.


It goes without question that we will be happy to advise you on the sale of a horse. Our strength is stallions, which follows closely with our work at Station Hell.