Herbert Ulonska

He always has his heart and soul in a project – also by the horses: Ever since he was a small child Herbert Ulonska has loved being around horses. At 12 years of age he was able to convince his parents to allow him to realize his dream of learning to ride. His first experience came on school horses at the North German and Flottbek Riding Clubs. He has been a member there since 1962. It was his grandfather who purchased Ulonska’s first horse for him. The mare was Valetta and she is responsible for the name of Ulonska’s show stables.
The banker turned his back to horses for a while in the mid 70’s following his professional studies to build up his business - Herbert Ulonska IVD. He found his sporting balance on the water. He sailed in regattas. But his interest soon returned to the horses. As he rented boxes in Flottbek in 1981 he noticed something: there were no more shows at Easter or Advent. “So in 1982 I started to organize horse shows. By 1993 I had organized close to 40 shows for the Riding Club and from 1986 to 1993 I was a member of the organizing committee for the German Jumping Derby.” The Stall Valetta resided by Achaz von Buchwaldt for a total of 18 years and since 2009 the show horses call Friedrichshulde home, right next to the stables from Janne-Friederike Meyer.

Herbert Ulonska founded the first complete German horse show in Rostock in 1990 – the CSI Rostock just in front of the doors of the Hanseatic city, from which the Redefin Horse Festival emerged later on.  Since 2000 he has been organizing the CSI Neustadt-Dosse in the Graf-von-Lindau Arena and for many years has been coordinating the Spanish Sunshine Tour. The Hell Stallion Station, steeped in tradition, is his newest assignment which he is passionately devoted to.

Herbert Ulonska with his westphalian stallion Fantasio (Foto: 1clicphoto)