Notice from Hengststation Maas J. Hell GmbH (Maas J. Hell Stallion Stud)

The following is valid for 2021: The stud fee for insemination is payable immediately. Subsequent ‘in-foal’ payment is always payable if no verification of non-pregnancy is provided by 15.08.2021 at the latest, and will be taken from the bank account provided. For orders from European countries outside Germany, the stud fee as well as the subsequent in-foal payment are due for payment as a lump sum in advance. In cases of non-pregnancy the subsequent in-foal payment amount will be credited in the following year. In this case, veterinary certification of the non-pregnancy must be provided by 15.08.2021 at the latest. Our terms and conditions must be accepted before our stallions are used. 


General stud terms and conditions of Hengststation Maas J. Hell

Horster Landstraße 42, 25365 Klein Offenseth-Sparrieshoop
Andrea Konschak
Tel.: +49 (0) 4126 - 38 272, Fax: +49 (0) 4126 - 38 274
Prices and payment methods for frozen semen are available upon request.

All mare owners using the stallions of the EU insemination station Hengststation Maas J. Hell GmbH (D-KBP-005-EWG) must accept the following conditions for all current and future business relations. In any case where these general stud conditions do not cover specific rulings, the stud and insemination conditions of the Holsteiner Verband (Holsteiner Association) apply.
Where the services of a young stallion (licensed in the previous year) are engaged, the approval of the breeding association is only valid once the aptitude/usability test has been passed. Where breeding takes place before this test, the mare owner accepts any liability.
State premium mares will receive a discount of 10%. Exceptions: Belantis II, Quaterback & Van Gogh.

1. The breeding season begins on 01.02 of each year and ends on 15.08 of each year. 
2. Semen orders can be made by phone or fax but must be made by 10.00 at the latest. The fax number is: +49 (0) 4126 - 38 274. When ordering semen, the following details must be provided:

    • desired stallion
    • name and full address of the mare owner
    • full delivery address if different to that of the mare owner
    • name of the mare, Unique Equine Life Number of the mare and a copy of the lineage and age
    • membership number for the breeding association to whom the insemination should be reported 

    3. The delivered semen must be used only for the registered mare.

    4. No guarantee of pregnancy is made. The stud fee must be paid in any event

    5. Breeding permits must be submitted to the stud station prior to insemination. The stud fee is payable by invoice before the first insemination. In cases of embyro transfer the stud fee is applicable for each embryo accumulated in the transfer process. Where several successful flushings are performed, a discount will be given. Breeding certificates will only be given out, and passed onto the relevant association, once the entire stud fee invoice has been settled. 

    6. The postage costs for sending semen are borne by the breeder. The price for delivery within Germany on weekdays is €35.00, and on Saturdays is €130.00 including VAT. Delivery on Sundays and bank holidays is not available but collection in person is possible. For destinations within Europe but outside Germany semen can be sent from Monday to Thursday. Prices are available upon request. 

    7. If a stallion is unavailable during the course of the breeding season for special reasons (e.g. due to tournament engagements or illness) there is the option of using frozen semen. There is also the option of using a different stallion at the station, should that be desired.  For billing purposes the initial stallion will be used. No reimbursement of the stud fees will be granted. 

    8. In the case of highly-frequented stallions, the priority will be to ensure that the mares of Hengststation Maas J. Hell in Klein Offenseth are inseminated. 

    9. In the case of stallions who do not have stud fee splitting, the following applies: the stud fees remain in their entirety with the station if non-pregnancy is not verified by 15.08 of the respective year. In verified cases of non-pregnancy 50% of the stud fee (max. €400.00 €) will be granted as credit for the following year. Any special arrangements must be individually requested and agreed. Otherwise the generally-stated conditions apply. 

    10. Mares are boarded at the owner’s risk and expense. The daily fee for accommodating a mare is €14.00 including VAT.

    11. Veterinary insemination and treatment (swab samples, gynaecological examinations etc.) are carried out by the veterinarian contracted to Hengststation Maas J. Hell. Charges for these services will be invoiced directly to the client. 

    12. Insemination will only take place following follicle checks carried out by the veterinarian contracted to the station. A swab sample must be in place. 

    13. Additional medical treatments, swab samples and pregnancy tests/checks will be billed specially to the mare’s owner by the station veterinarian.

    14. In cases of live cover the following applies:
    a) The stallions must only be used with healthy mares. For live cover there must be veterinary verification through clinical/bacteriological tests (swab samples) that the mares are healthy. Past experience suggests that it is best to take swabs to test for the following: 

    • Beta-haemolytic streptococcus
    • Haemolytic E Coli
    • Pseudomonads
    • Klebsiella
    • Yeasts 
    • Staphylococcus aureus

    Please be aware that 48 to 72 hours is required for such tests, requiring punctual registration for swab sampling.

    b) Prior to insemination (natural) the station director must be provided with veterinary certification that mares are free of the above conditions. Only once this has been submitted will live cover be granted. The results of the swab samples submitted must be no more than 6 weeks old and must be in writing in the form of a veterinary certificate. In cases of live cover there is also no guarantee of pregnancy. The stud fee is payable in any event. 

    c) The rule also applies here that for mares who have not become pregnant or have reabsorbed, half of the previous year’s stud fee will be given as credit for the next year as long as a veterinary certificate of non-pregnancy is submitted by 15.08. If no such certificate is submitted by this date, no credit will be granted. Mares who are inseminated for the first time after 01.07 of the respective year and do not fall pregnant will through stud fee splitting in the following year receive credit in the amount of the sum paid in the previous year. Where there is no stud fee splitting, these mares will in the following year avoid paying the stud fee within the relevant price band. 

    d) Here too it is the case that the veterinary certificate of non-pregnancy must be submitted by 15.08.

    e) Also in cases of live cover, no guarantee of pregnancy is made. 

    In cases of frozen semen, fresh semen and live cover it is also the case that no stud fee credit will be granted when stallions with stud fee splitting are used. Details of which stallions this applies to can be requested from the station. 
    15. Payments should be made to the following account: 
    Germany / abroad:
    Account holder: Hengststation Maas J. Hell GmbH
    IBAN: DE 27200505501042224970
    When  making a transfer, the owner’s name must be included in the payment reference.

    16. German law shall apply exclusively. The place of jurisdiction is Elmshorn / Itzehoe.

    Your IP adress will be sent to Google Maps.

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