General stud terms and conditions of Hengststation Maas J. Hell

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Prices and payment terms for frozen semen on request.

All mare owners ordering semen of stallions standing with EU insemination station Hengststation Maas J. Hell GmbH (D-KBP-005-EWG), acknowledge the below General Terms and Conditions for all present and future business contacts. Unless otherwise agreed upon in these General Terms and Conditions, the Breeding and Insemination Terms of the Holsteiner Verband shall apply.

Please note that for young stallions, the breeding association's approval shall only become effective after the stallion has successfully passed the disposition test. If the stallion is used for breeding before this date, the mare  owner alone shall bear the risk of approval.

A discount of 30% shall be granted for state premium mares or mares with show successes up to the advanced (S) level with the exception of Belantis II & Van Gogh.


1. The breeding season starts on February 1 and ends on August 15 of each year.

2. Ordering semen shall be possible by phone or fax, however, latest until 10.00 am. Fax-no. +49 (0) 4126 – 38274. The order has to feature the following details:
    • Requested stallion
    • Complete name and address of the mare owner
    • Exact shipping address – if different from the mare owner’s address
    • Name, registration number, pedigree copy and age of the mare
    • Membership number of the breeding association to which the insemination is to be announced

3. The provided semen shall only be used for the announced mare.

4. No in-foal guarantee will be granted. A deposit shall become due in any case. An invoice will be issued for the deposit after semen order. Unless a vet certificate is forwarded to Hengststation Maas J. Hell GmbH until October 1, 2023, showing that the mare has not conceived, it is presumed that the mare is pregnant and the first back payment shall become due. Provided the mare does not give birth to a life foal the following year, a vet certificate has to be forwarded to Hengststation Maas J. Hell GmbH as otherwise the second back payment will be invoiced.

5. Breeding certificates are to be forwarded to the stallion station before the mare is covered. The stud fee shall be charged for each embryo flushed. A discount will be granted if several successful flushes have been made. The breeding certificate shall be issued and surrendered to breeder and breeding association only after the stud fee has been completely settled.

6. Costs for semen shipment shall be borne by the breeder. Shipping fees amount to 45 Euro within Germany on weekdays, 130 Euro on Saturdays including VAT.  There will be no semen shipments on Sundays and on public holidays, however, collection of semen will possible. With the exception of Germany, semen will be shipped to other European countries exclusively from Monday to Thursday. Please ask in advance for individually incurring costs.

7. Frozen semen will be provided for stallions not available for breeding for special reasons during the breeding season (e.g. due to competition or illness). If preferred, breeder shall be entitled to choose a different stud stallion. The stud fee for the last stallion used shall be invoiced. Claims for refunding the stud fee shall be prohibited.

8. Please note that for frequently used stallions, preference is given to mares standing with Hengststation Maas J. Hell GmbH in Klein Offenseth.

9. For stallions without stud fee splitting: The stud fee shall remain in full with Hengststation Maas J. Hell GmbH provided no certificate of non-pregnancy was submitted until October 1 of each year. 50% of the stud fee shall be credited for the following year in case of non-pregnancy. Special arrangements are to be discussed and agreed upon on a case-by-case basis. The basic provisions shall apply for everything else.

10. Mares shall be stabled at the risk and expense of the owner. Daily boarding fee is 18 Euro incl. VAT.

11. Veterinarian insemination and treatment (swab and gynaecological examination etc.) shall be provided by the contractual vet of Hengststation Maas J. Hell GmbH. The charges will be invoiced directly to the customer.

12. The mare will only be covered after prior follicle control by the contractual vet of the stallion station. A negative swab result has to be provided before.

13. Follicle controls outside of the heat as well as additional medical treatments,swab and pregnancy examinations shall be invoiced separately to the mare owners by the contractual vet.

14. Payments are to be effected exclusively to the following account:
Account holder: Maas J. Hell GmbH
Bank name: HASPA
IBAN: DE 27200505501042224970
Indicating the mare owner’s name is required for each bank transfer.

15. German law shall apply exclusively. Place of jurisdiction is Elmshorn respectively Itzehoe/Germany.


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